We are an intentionally small law firm that provides general counsel advice to a select group of family offices around the world. Our clients value an unparalleled amount of access and discretion.

What We Do

Kennedy Legal Firm provides high net worth families and individuals with comprehensive legal and business services, custom-tailored to their specific needs and interests.

Our clientele reside and conduct business in a broad range of jurisdictions throughout the world. The nature and scope of our clients' interests, holdings, and affairs, and thus, the scope of our firm’s practice, are wide-reaching and expansive.

For the majority of our clients, we effectively act as their “outside general counsel,” handling and overseeing a significant scope of their personal, legal, and business affairs, as well as crisis management. We routinely represent multiple generations of family members and, in so doing, establish, maintain and oversee complex family estates and trusts. Additionally, we provide corporate and transactional legal and business services in furtherance of family business entities and interests, both domestic and foreign.

With regard to specialized legal and business needs of our clients, we routinely retain, coordinate and oversee outside counsel and serve as the primary liaison between such counsel and our clients. By acting as liaison to outside counsel, we are able to audit productivity and create efficiencies in legal work pertaining to company investments, trusts and other business transactions.

A Relationship of Trust, Discretion and Access

Because our clients require absolute privacy and discretion, we have intentionally kept our firm small and hold strict standards for employment and performance of our personnel. We offer an extreme focus on our clients and an incomparable amount of access to our staff.

Our Attorneys

Our clients' needs demand the utmost confidence and service. A father-son partnership, we embody a philosophy of honesty, trust, and unparalleled attention, giving our clients confidence that their business is our number one priority.

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